June Without Seeing Paul?

by | Jun 16, 2022 | News

For the first time, we head into June without Paul offering his free public tours on Sunday afternoons at 2pm. WHY? Well, he just doesn’t feel like he can properly move about with the crowd – at the pace they deserve, so he’d rather not do the tours than do a 2nd-rate job (in his view).

So what do we do? Experience Gautschi Separation Anxiety? No, of course not! He tells me (in so many words) that he is shifting from tour guide to tutor. That is, he needs a smaller audience – whether he’s out in the garden with them or chatting with them from his porch. For now, his lane is more personal – more eye to eye.

He still has SO MUCH wisdom and testimonies to share (sprinkled with some opinions about society). You feel loved and respected by Paul. He is a mentor and who knows how long he’ll be with us to share what he has to share? You CAN see him. You just have to make some prior arrangements to make it happen. You can write him with your phone # or you can call him and leave a message. He’s good at calling back. Address: 411 Craig Road, Sequim, WA 98382 Land line: (360) 461-4477. Remember, he’s on the west coast (Pacific Standard Time). That’s 3 hours later than the east coast. Blessings… DD