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Back to Eden Film


After years of back-breaking toil in ground ravaged by the effects of man-made growing systems, Paul Gautschi has discovered a taste of what God intended for mankind in the garden of Eden. Some of the vital issues facing agriculture today include soil preparation, fertilization, irrigation, weed control, pest control, crop rotation, and PH issues. None […]

What Do the Neighbors Think?


Our delightful neighbors are all retired. They all have gardens and they mostly think we’re crazy. However.. A few weeks ago, the neighbor across the street was running his small chipper in his backyard. I went over to ask if he was going to get rid of them. He said that’s what he did last year, but: “after listening […]

Devine Garden, Oregon

EOS-1D Mark IV_9999_520

When we moved to Columbia County, Oregon, the property had an 80ft x 80ft fenced garden area that was “let go” by previous renters. The Summer of 2012, we borrowed a neighbor’s tiller and tilled the entire area except the raspberry, mint, and rhubarb patches. It looked much better, and we had a sense of satisfaction, but a […]