Growing Food God’s Way 2nd Edition

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Growing Food God’s Way is the biography of Paul Gautschi. He is a man of faith who learned to grow superior food with much less work by imitating God’s way of growing things in nature; and that is the key theme of the book.

Pages: 307
Format: Paperback
Author: David Devine

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Growing Food God’s Way (2nd edition) is the biography of Paul Gautschi. He is a man of faith who learned to grow superior food with much less work by imitating God’s way of growing things in nature; and that is the key theme of the book. Not only that, there are many life lessons and wisdom that are shared by Paul, Joel, David and a number of experts. Included are over 80 quotes; from Bill Clinton to Mother Teresa. Thar's the Back to Eden and Beyond part.

Growing Food God's Way has a near-perfect Amazon rating of 4.7 Stars (out of 5) and it has enjoyed #1 Best Seller ranking in: Organic Gardening, Sustainable Agriculture and Health and Spirituality (Inspirational) in the past. We trust the 2nd edition will get it back up there.

Why is it Relevant?
Many of people are struggling to get themselves and their families eating right, but quality organic food is spendy and putting in a conventional garden is too daunting. GFGW has resonated with readers around the globe - who seek a more-simple life and healthy future.

What are the Reader’s Take-Aways?
Beyond fantastic “how-to’s” is gut-level inspiration. Those who know God are equipped to know Him better, and those who don’t know Him are given much enlightenment by observing Gautschi’s life story.

Many have experienced a new sense of gardening purpose and hope as a result of reading GFGW. The 2nd edition seeks to expand on that with three new chapters and more helps to navigate the book and get to needed info.

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Table of Contents

  1. Paul Gautschi: The Messenger
  2. The Dream and the Covenant
  3. Lessons from the Forest: The Covering
  4. Paul’s Garden and the Genesis Curse
  5. Lessons from the Orchard
  6. Relational Permaculture and You
  7. Paul: Sinner in the Hands of a Loving God
  8. A Generational View and Earth Stewardship
  9. 7 Effective Habits of Relational Permaculture
  10. Mystery Revealed
  11. Humble Beginnings, Exalted Endings
  12. Tending to Unintended Consequences
  13. What Became of the Curse?
  14. How Did We Get Here? Where Are We Now?
  15. A Day in the Life
  16. Ask Paul How to Get Started
  17. Dear Paul
  18. It Takes a Village (of Animals and Organisms)
  19. Tales of First-Year Coverings
  20. Turning a Corner
  21. DIY Like Paul
  22. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
  23. Paul's Walk with the Holy Spirit

Release Date: June 2021
ISBN: 9 780990 755203

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2 reviews for Growing Food God’s Way 2nd Edition

  1. Margaret Jordan (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for this wonderful book!! I am having a hard time putting it down. I called Paul on the phone and found him to be on the phone just like he is on youtube.
    Thanks again,
    Margaret Jordan

  2. Terry Hart (verified owner)

    In this day of battle for control of our fundamental human need for quality food, I can think of no other man-made book more important than this one. This story is full of good news for body, soul, and spirit. In it you will learn about a little known new and better grace-based way to grow food. Many, who have been praying for more of God’s grace in our increasingly dark world, will find answers here. I’m eager to see how God will use it to transform individuals and communities. I expect that a multitude of lost souls interested in this topic will come to know their Creator and Redeemer through this message.

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