What Do the Neighbors Think?

by | Sep 6, 2014 | Devine Garden

Our delightful neighbors are all retired. They all have gardens and they mostly think we’re crazy. However..

A few weeks ago, the neighbor across the street was running his small chipper in his backyard. I went over to ask if he was going to get rid of them. He said that’s what he did last year, but: “after listening to you, I am going to dress my flower beds with them.”

I should tell you that they all use tillers. One scoffed at the very idea of gardening without a tiller. Fact is…they are all older than me and getting older every day. As they watch our garden, they will realize that gardening without tilling and mounding (potatoes) and spraying is not only a better way, but the only way they will be able to keep up with gardening in the future. Moreover, the food value will surpass the quality of their former produce items with much less work!

I trust they will marvel at how much God loves them and wants to bless them by Growing Food God’s Way.