The Truth About Cancelled Orders

by | Jul 20, 2021 | News

That is the STATUS of all website book orders that don’t make it through the shopping cart process.

I don’t know what kicks the Order to Cancel mode except that a payment card may have expired OR the exact number of the card wasn’t inputted right, OR the billing address did not match the address for the card being used.

Please, don’t take it personally. On at least two occasions (that I know of) an older (mom or dad) tries to order online and it goes to Cancelled Status for one reason or another. The very next order is the same last name, but a son or daughter’s address. We are OK with that.

Sorry for any confusion. KEEP TRYING. You may be put off feeling that the system is down, but that hasn’t happened yet to my knowledge. It does grieve me, a bit, to see Cancelled orders every now and then.

No: the system is not down and you are not being Cancelled by the system as a part of the Cancel Culture. It is just a fail-safe process to make sure you can pay for what you get – so that you can get what you paid for. DD