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Teleconference on Tuesday Nights


Ever wanted to talk to Paul, but didn’t have his number…or felt a bit intimidated to call…or even were concerned your call would be a nuisance? First off, his # is (360) 683-4477. Secondly, we should not fear a humble man…but we should appreciate his godliness. Thirdly, NO…honest inquiries are not a nuisance to him. […]

FREE Kindle Book July 2, 3

1st three Reviews_eBook

UPLOADING Can Be UPLIFTING! To all GFGW friends: for 2 days (Jy 2rd & 3rd) you can go to and type in Growing Food God’s Way to get to the book’s page or: and upload the Kindle version for FREE. Don’t have a Kindle(?) neither do I, but I’m told you can get […]

Call to Paul


Hi fellow garden travelers. For some reason, I called Paul tonight. Even as his phone was ringing, my embarrassment for “not having a reason” to call was mounting. Of all times, he answered. “Hi Paul, its David” I said…then continued: “I don’t know why I am calling tonight.” “Well I know why,” he said, “because […]