New Paperback Now AVAILABLE!

by | Jun 29, 2021 | News

After two SOLD OUT paperback print runs, we now have a Revised and Updated 2nd Edition of Paul Gautschi‘s biography.

People from all over the globe have waited years to get a copy to hold and read, Demand for a physical book got so bad that used books were selling for $50 and up. Currently, someone at Amazon is trying to sell a used original book for $100! Don’t waste your money. You can get a new book for under $30 (with shipping in the US). Author-signed books are just $5 more.

Speaking of Amazon, they are the only place to get the eBook version of the 2nd edition. Click on the LINK at the top of the Home page. eBooks are $9.99 and you get them instantly to read on your phone, tablet, laptop or notebook, and Kindle (of course). Amazon is great to work with on eBooks but not so good on physical books that don’t get published via KDP (formerly CreateSpace). Hence, the only way to buy a paperback is through this website till I find other channels.

We want to shout-out to those who crowdfunded with us in 2020 to raise capital to pay for the many expenses involved in printing and publishing. We didn’t meet our goal, but God had a way to provide needed funds that I would not have guessed. It happened, we praise Him, and here we are! New book, new website!

I worked with Nathan, Robert, and David to revamp the website. I hope you like it!

Why does this book cost more than the 1st one?
The original book was smaller (5.5″ x 8.5″) and the 2nd edition is 6″ x 9″. We added the equivalent of 100 pages too in the form of six new chapters.

The cover is more vibrant and more than a dozen new color pix grace the 2nd edition. We added a very handy Index and a Bibliography of books Paul has read and recommends to folks. In short, you are getting a lot more book for just 22% more. It is a bargain at twice that percent!

Bottom line is: You are getting much more with this book or eBook!


  1. I can give my original book to a friend or donate it to a charity;
  2. The 2nd  edition has NEW information Paul has learned;
  3. The 2nd edition has 6 new chapters;
  4. The 2nd edition has a new index;
  5. The 2nd edition has about a dozen more photos;
  6. The 2nd edition has a new Bibliography of books that Paul recommends;
  7. The 2nd edition has updated information in multiple chapters;
  8. The 2nd edition has about 100 more pages;
  9. The 2nd edition reaches a broader audience; &
  10. I can sell my used book on eBay for a crazy profit!

May your copy get delivered to you soon and may it be a blessing to you! These books make great gifts AND there are bulk discounts up to 50%!