NEW 2nd Edition PRINTED!

by | May 25, 2021 | News

After two years, death of my only sibling + executor duties, catching COVID-lite (praise God), the general pandemic pandemoneum, six rounds of editing, three rounds of pre-press, a one-month hold time in the printer’s queue, and a shipping delay…the NEW paperback is finally in my possession!!! Yay God!

A number of people in the US and six countries participated in a pre-pandemic Indiegogo crowdfunding effort to jumpstart the book printing in 2020! PRIORITY ONE is to get their books mailed out to them. Some, I will get to sign! NOTE: I do not have stellar handwriting! Which six countries you ask? 2 go to Australia, 1 to New Zealand, 1 to Poland, 1 to Switzerland and 1 to Great Britain! Mysteriously absent are books going to Canada. They were the top country when the 1st edition came out, Australia 2nd.

I won’t list all the US states where the books are being sent, but I will say that Oregon gets 7, California and Washington both get 5, Michigan gets 4, and New York gets 3. You may be saying: That’s all fine and good, David, but how do I get a paperback or two?

Well, I planned on listing them on Amazon but they have gone hog-wild on the fees they are charging authors: a monthly fee, a referral fee (even though the book website sends buyers to them!) a fulfillment fee (that’s legit), a closing fee (whatever that is), a refund fee (dbl-ouch), and a storage fee. All totaled, the fees are excessive because they can get away with it!

We may have to go with book sales via this website’s eCommerce platform. It won’t be as fast, and it means a LOT more work for me. I might try other venues like indie bookstores and other major players like Books-A-Million (BAM!)and the like. STAY TUNED…You should have access to a paperback in early June!!

I have already been praying for everyone who gets their hand on a paperback or the eBook. Speaking of eBooks, I loaded the eBook file from the publisher on Monday and it became the #1 Best Seller in the Sustainable Agriculture category on Tuesday! (Praise the LORD). Getting a hold of the eBook will be the QUICKEST WAY for you to read the new material and see the new pix. The 2nd edition eBook is listed at $9.99 US.

On this topic, I’d like to give sincere thanks to all who purchased and read the eBook for the last six years. There are more than 14,000 of you! At times, they were available for FREE. The updated and revised edition will have better quality to the existing photos and also the new ones. There is also a new bibliography of a number of books Paul recommends to people. He is an avid reader. Some of the books he has personally given to me.

One of the books is a novel that even mentions him by name! I just finished it and I concur with Paul’s recommendation of Free by Angie Ruble. It is fiction, but there are deep themes of healing and forgiving that are poignant. She coalesces Paul’s gardening wisdom through a Black character named Abe.

Praise God for His goodness. Thank you, Paul for sharing His goodness to you so we can look for His goodness in our own lives. DD