Time For the 2nd Edition!

You all have been so patient! Thanks so much. Months ago, I asked Paul about whether to try and do a 3rd printing of the SOLD out original book. He encouraged me to consider a 2nd edition because he has learned so much in the last 5 years.
The same amount of printing money would need to be spent, but if I could update and expand the book it would be worth the effort.
Since then, I have been adding chapters and adding more wisdom/testimonies to most of the existing chapters.
I also plan to add an Index at the back so you can get right to the info you want to refer back to.
The 2nd edition adds a bibliography of books that influenced Paul. He is a voracious reader and takes in many books. In all, it will top 300 pages!
He not only judges a book by the merits of its content, but on the spirit of the book…what’s behind it! So, when he recommends a book to us, he is recommending on a different level.
Here is the link to the new Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign https://igg.me/at/Gautschibio to raise the costs for the 2nd edition via book presales and the investment in other (non-book) Perks. An example is a 20 minute phone call from Nick Ager. It is a cool Perk, but does not involve buying a book.
The campaign began February 5th and lasts for only 21 days! I anticipate book completion in late February and shipments of paperback books to go out in April, with the new audiobook following in May.

Paul during garden tour.

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