Tragedy at Craig Road


Normally, I would not blog on this unhappy event, but since my last post was about the New Dog in Town, I didn’t feel I had any options.

Last week, one of the Gautschi siblings went for a bike ride and Tova 2.o tagged along. It was a nice outing, so far as biking in the country goes. At some point, Tova (who was running alongside the bike) veered into the road and was hit by a car! The person on the bike wasn’t impacted physically, but had quite an emotional impact – as the incident took Tova’s life.

Paul called me the next morning because I left a message earlier. He broke the sad news. God had used Tova so effectively to protect the garden. She was an alpha female, just like her name-sake. She kept all the deer away. Rather, God kept the deer away with her as His mascot.

I had to ask: Why? There was no answer, but Paul quoting from the 1st part of 1 Corinthians 13:12…”For now we see through a glass, darkly;”

Paul needs an animal guardian for the orchard and the sheep. It’s one thing to lose apples and quite another to lose living sheep!

We’re trusting that the Lord will provide another Tova-like labrador. Paul has begun the search. These are stretching times. The 1st thing is to thank God that the bicyclist wasn’t injured. (Thank You Lord!) Next, relational permaculture dictates that Paul can take his need to the Father, then sit back and watch Him provide (again). DD

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