Goodbye to a Dear Friend and Mentor

by | Dec 6, 2016 | News

Last Sunday, a brilliant man I referenced in a Growing Food God’s Way footnote (page 54) left his temporary 84yr tabernacle to be with the Lord.

Dr. Donald E. Chittick, PhD, Chemistry and co-founder of a science ministry called Creation Compass was a special friend to the Devine family.

For some years, we fellowshipped with he & his wife Donna, in Molalla, Oregon as Dr. Chittick was also an Elder of our elder-led, Bible-focused congregation. chitticks

His PhD in physical chemistry came from Oregon State University. He went on to teach at the University of Puget Sound, and George Fox College (now GFU), where he was the Science Dept. Chair.

Dr. Chittick was (and Mrs. Chittick is) a “reality scientist.” That is, all the empirical evidence deduced in the field or in the lab needs to be weighed against REALITY vs. human pre-conceived notions/theories. He taught that scientific evidence is processed via one of two world views:
1) God’s Word or 2) Man’s Ideas. They are at odds with one another. The priests of evolutionism, like Bill Nye, will try to frame it as “faith vs. reason;” but it is (in fact) real reason vs. pseudo reason. The tie-breaker isn’t: who talks the loudest, who received the most grants, who has the preferential academic pedigree, or who has published the most “peer-reviewed” articles. No…the tie-breaker is, and always will be, REALITY.
Here is a link to Dr. Chittick’s last book:


Personally, we enjoyed his constant enthusiasm! When Dr. Chittick greeted you, he made you feel as though he had been waiting all day to see you. Always a smile to go along with his cheerful salutation.

Donald Chittick was a pioneer in the field of what some might describe as Creation apologetics. Surely, he would cringe at that, because it was the Big Bang believers that need to give “a reason for the lack of hope within them.”

Interested in becoming a reality scientist? Why not join the Masters of Science who held to the biblical Creation origins of our universe and focused their passion and devotion to the many fascinating elements on nature.

It was Dr. Chittick who taught me that the classic definition of science was: “The systematic study of the created universe.” Amen! DD