by | Jun 9, 2016 | News

It had to happen…though, sadly, it doesn’t for so many self-published authors: the books sell out!

The picture is of the last box from the 2nd printing. (And since yesterday’s photo, we mailed out two today).
What began as a partial pallet of book boxes has (praise God) been reduced to the final few. There are, maybe, 10 left to send out…which is why this website will transition from book sales to book reservations. There will be no expense to reserve a book because it’s not pre-sales.

I don’t have a third printing underway…or have even selected the printer. That is because we have to wait for the funds to pay the professionals who craft the fine books we have had the privilege to sell.

THANK YOU to the 400+ who have bought from the 2nd printing. May your book(s) bless you and others now, and in days to come. Meanwhile, pray for the resources to make the 3rd printing a BIG one (thousands, rather than hundreds). DD