What is Live Food and Live Water?

by | May 20, 2016 | News

Paul Gautschi eats live food, fresh, and in season. He has cultivated a distaste (bordering disgust) for what he calls “dead food.” From Paul’s perspective, we’ll call dead food any edible item that has been: a) away from its life source (water, soil, branch, or stem) for too long; or b) subjected to synthetic chemicals, extreme heat, or extreme cold (read – sprayed, cooked, or frozen).

We have all heard him say: “A plant can lose 80% of its metabolic properties just 10 minutes after being picked.”
Let’s unpack what he is saying: A carrot is harvested at a local farm. It gets piled with other carrots, washed, then crated, then hauled off to a farmer’s market. There, it is displayed all morning/day or until it is purchased by a “health-conscious” customer. Ten minutes haven’t gone by…at least 50 – 500 minutes! The good news is that root crops have better retention of the “good stuff,” than, say, celery. Compare picked celery to the lifespan of a potato. No contest.

Now consider commercial carrot harvesting, processing, and “miles-to-market.” Not 10 minutes…or ten hours, but maybe ten days! As Paul says: “Pull out a fresh carrot…and you [should] smell an aroma. The store carrots don’t smell at all, so there is something missing.”
What’s missing? LIFE. Specifically, energy and phytonutrients.
What isn’t missing? Whatever junk/chemicals was resident in the soil of the commercial farm. If root crops are the product of their environment (and how could they not be?), then you have to presume that the store carrots came from pesticide, herbicide, and fungicide-laden dirt. The only way to be certain is to know the carrot grower and observe their operations, or at least ask pointed questions.

Our bodies are living systems. They thrive on live food and have to make internal compromises to survive on dead, processed food. What kinds of compromises? Well, call it robbing Peter to pay Paul. For instance, your body will rob calcium from your bones to supply it to vital organs…like your brain. After days, weeks, and months of systemic calcium “robbing,” that body will evidence (in seen and unseen ways) the effects of calcium deficiency: teeth streaking and osteoperosis come to mind. That’s not all…

As a living system (designed by, and in the likeness of, God) we also thrive on living water. Can you see by using the term “living water,” that there must be dead water out there? Let’s liken water, for a minute, to milk…OK?
My family & I drink raw milk from a pastured cow. That means we drink “live” milk. What makes it live? Energy and micronutrients (like pro-biotic enzymes). Folks, that is what our stainless steel bucket is full of twice a day. Once it is in the house & strained, it does not get exposed to extreme cold or extreme heat. Thus the live elements of our milk are sustained…kept alive.

Conversely, processed store milk is hauled for miles, added to dozens (if not hundreds) of other cow’s milk, and heated from 145 degrees F (for 30 mins) to up to 280 degrees F (for 2 seconds). If the high heat (pasteurization)  was not enough to kill the milk, it is then forced thought tapered “pores,” at high pressure to assimilate the fat molecules throughout the milk (homogenization). How much pressure? Try 3,000 to 14,000 psi! Most of the gas pressure washers at your local Home Depot operate at the lower end. Still, that’s 1 1/2 tons per square inch! So we are talking double-dead milk. Many, if not all, of the beneficial enzymes…gone! Get it? Got it!

Back to water. It is only as good as the environment it comes from. I would like to say that all natural water (rain, streams, etc.) is good, safe, live water…but I can’t. It just isn’t true anymore in this fallen, industrialized world. Maybe some waterfall in the Himalayas would qualify as live and pristine, but who knows? It may be good tasting and safe, but is it live? Does it have micronutrients, in the form of essential minerals? Moreover, is the scientific structure of the water ideal for absorption and is it replete with energy-giving ions? If not, it is dead water: wet as live water, but dead as a door nail. Just like processed milk is white like live milk, but little more than a liquid placebo (that causes a lot of folks allergies).

So how do we kill the municipal and commercial (read bottled) water we drink? By exposing it to low-level “chemotherapy” – designed to kill all the bad stuff (bacteria, etc.) via elemental chlorine. Some also continue to “process” the water via reverse osmosis (RO). Akin to the homogenizing of milk, the water is forced through membranes, under pressure, to trap anything bigger than a water molecule (which includes beneficial minerals). Afterwards, the water has to be “re-mineralized.” Bottom line: double dead water.

Our (living system) bodies get a measure of hydration from double-dead water, yet NO (I’m talking z e r o) energy. Remember, live/living water is not just a means of hydration, but a means of energy, of pH enhancement, AND an effective anti-oxidant. If your water fails in these four areas, it is either dead or double-dead.

So what about Jesus? What does He say? As to food: “Even so every good tree brings forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree brings forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruits, nor can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.
Every tree that does not bring forth good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.” Matthew 7:17-19 Though this analogy was addressing false teachers, it clearly relates that “good” cannot come from “bad.” What’s true for a bad tree is true for bad soil. Good food cannot come from it. However, it is easier to spot a bad tree than it is to discern bad soil.

Now, what does God say about water?  Exodus 7:18 “And the fish that is in the river shall die, and the river shall stink; and the Egyptians shall loathe to drink of the water of the river.” This illustrates what happens to good water when nasty elements (in this case, dead fish) are added to it. Additives (some natural, and all synthetic), heat, freezing, and pressure can all contribute to killing water. Hey…that should be the next Bill O’Reilly book: Killing Water.

Paul & Carol Gautschi own and use a Japanese medical device that ensures the water coming through it meets the litmus test of “living” water. It would not be a stretch to call it Eden water, because it takes us back to the pure and pristine origins of water. A Japanese term for “back to origins” is kangen (KHAN-gen). The device in their kitchen produces KangenTM water. Carol serves it to the pregnant “moms” that come to see her.

The Devine family is in the process of acquiring the newer model of the one the Gautschis use, called the Enagic K-8. It would be considered “spendy” here in the Pacific NW, if it wasn’t such a unique invention. It’s cost has to be weighed by it’s value, which we expect to be priceless. Our bodies crave living water. It cannot come from our tap. Consequently, we haul natural spring water from about 60 miles away (round trip) to use for drinking. The arrival of our K-8 will make those trips unnecessary. Though our spring water is fluoride and chlorine-free, it still lacks the energy and anti-oxidant qualities of Kangen water.

When it arrives, I will tell Paul we also have access to Kangen water. He has only been over here once, but if he comes again, we can at least offer him decent, living water (just like home). I am so enthused by it, that I want to get this same device into the homes of others. That’s why I have become an independent distributor for the manufacturer. You cannot find these at a department, or even health food, store. Though there are probably thousands of distributors, I am among maybe 10 that apply biophysics to maximize the effectiveness of these devices. If you’d like to learn more, please visit this site: http://5505092.yourbodyiswater.info/ You can sign up for a free eBook and watch many informative videos about the living water…and the many other uses.

For grins, we are offering a poll for all readers. The question is: What percent of your body is water?

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Lord willing, I will give the closest right answer in my next Post. DD