Cabbage Patch Facts

by | Mar 24, 2016 | News

How many chromosome pairs are in your cabbage?             Don’t know?

How about your turnips?       Hmmm. Not easy questions, but they are answered in an intriguing article:

Eat Your Brussels Sprouts!

BTW, cabbage has 9 and turnips 10. Learn also about the origins of some plants and what they naturally hybridized into.  Did you know that Brussels sprouts are little cabbage heads?  ‘Course you did. I am the one in need of more knowledge of plant things.

Here is an excerpt:
This family is also still widely known as Cruciferae, due to the crucifix appearance of the flower petals when viewed from above. The creationist founder of the science of classifying organisms, Carolus Linnaeus, gave names to many members of the cabbage family in the 1700s.

Speaking of crucifix, the annual celebration of Resurrection Day is just 3 days away. May we all be overwhelmed by the depth of the love and suffering Jesus (Yeshua) bore on our behalf. Need to read up on it? Go to the Gospel of Luke chapters 22-24 or John chapters 18 – 20, or Mark chapters 14-16.  DD