The Joy of Weeding

by | Nov 6, 2015 | News

You’ve heard of the book “The Joy of Cooking,” but as you live with a well covered garden, you will think about writing a Joy of Weeding book.

I had a few minutes left outside after moving the dairy cow fencing. Noting that there were a a few weeds growing among our wood chips,  I decided to pick them.

Good news: there were only about a dozen and that took about 10mins.

Bad news: there was grass growing inside the brick border that separates the garden from the grass. But hey…the root systems were amazing! Also, the cows love eating the pulled grass WITH the roots. Essentially, it is like us eating sprouts. Maximum food value – as we consume the ENTIRE plant.

Besides…it is fun to get your hands dirty with good dirt.

Also, I got to see some bug activity as I pulled. Remember? It takes a village of animals & organisms to grow a great garden.  DD