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by | Oct 13, 2015 | News

Dear Friends, below are some of the 29 Reviews Amazon has received thus far. Thank you so much! All but 2 or 3 are five stars. It is a major blessing to me and to share them with Paul as I can. Names have been initialed because I don’t know if I am allowed to reproduce actual names. You can see them all at the Amazon book site:

BTW, the last Review is from Carol Gautschi, and the one before is Thatnub.  DD

10_03_Best Seller_Organic_verytight Astounding book.
from A
This book has changed my life. I was someone who always looked at people with a ‘green thumb’ and so admired their gifting, but realized that I seriously lacked the talent. Reading this book shifted that perception. It inspired me in the true sense of the word. Suddenly gardening made sense, it was not complicated at all. I immediately followed up by watching the ‘Back to Eden’ film on YouTube. The next day I became a gardener.
No[t] only that, but I can’t get out of the garden, I am loving the dirt under my nails, I am making new friends, discussing these gardening concepts [with] people who garden.
I want to run out in the street and call everyone to look at my 2 week old seedlings actually growing. I want to go outside in the evening and dig my hands into the amazing soil, transforming before my very eyes.
I love the new life that this book has introduced me to.
Of course, this method is just as exciting for seasoned gardeners. It is astonishing to realize how simple, logical and wonderful these methods are. This is one of the most important books I have ever read.

10_03_Best Seller_Organic_verytightThank you for allowing me into your head!
from DW
Just what I needed in the point on my timeline for where we go from here! Thank you David, for making your observations and thoughts public! Easy to read and easy to follow. For those of us who love and have a relationship with The Maker of All Things, my only regret is in not knowing this type of information was available. Having gone to a very well respected University and having begun as an Animal Science Major – I’m SO thankful I didn’t drink the Kool-Aid they were serving! I recommend this for all to read. Reconnect with the Maker and Creator and open up a dialog so that all of us can hear from the True Master Gardener, how to do it.

10_03_Best Seller_Organic_verytight A book about life and faith in God. Answers a lot of questions about both.
from K
This book is more about finding your faith and understanding it. It’s an awesome book that I wish would never end. I’ve learned a lot about growing my food safely and easier. But I’ve learned more about life in general from this book. I think the title is misleading and more would read it if they only knew what its contents were. Hopefully people will share. Wish it was in paperback so I could give as gift to others. [p.s. She has ordered since.]

10_03_Best Seller_Organic_verytight Love this book!!
from JM
I have always wondered what Paul’s story was, and now I know. Such an inspiring life he has lived. I have watched every one of ThatNUB’s interviews with him on YouTube, and now this book has answered my remaining questions.The book is very well written and full of information.

10_03_Best Seller_Organic_verytight God does speak to his children.
from SB
Like the _Back to Eden_ video, I love this book. The scripture references provide new meaning in the orchard and garden context. A wonderful testimony of how God provides personal revelation to a man for he and his family’s benefit.

10_03_Best Seller_Organic_verytight I love this book.
from: C
I love this book, it makes sense when you connect with God. Plant your own seed and you feel connected with earth. I’m backyard gardener for 3 years and my journey taught me a lot. I watched all videos of Paul’s Garden Tour by Thatnub, and I’m working on my garden to convert into Back to Eden! Videos and book answered my most of the questions.. I recommend it.

10_03_Best Seller_Organic_verytight God’s way is the best way!
from: LCH
I thought this was a great book! I had a hard time putting it down once I started reading. It is about Paul Gautschi, the man the “Back to Eden” documentary was about. If you’ve never watched the Back to Eden documentary, you can do so online for free. It will give the book a even deeper meaning. God’s way is the best way!

10_03_Best Seller_Organic_verytight Great book! A devotional and educational read.
from: L
A spiritual book that not only teaches great gardening practices but also some great life lessons through the scriptures of the bible.

10_03_Best Seller_Organic_verytight A book every gardener should read.
from: T

Back to Eden gardening is awesome, Paul Gautschi is an amazing teacher. This book provides a better understanding of who Paul is and why he started growing nutrient dense food the way God intended it to be grown. This is a must read for every gardener.
10_03_Best Seller_Organic_verytight Five stars.
from: CG
My husband’s book.